Saving for my family's education


Obtaining a post-secondary education will go a long way to putting your child (or grandchild) on the path to long-term prosperity. 


A study conducted by the Fraser Institute for Research showed that completing a university or college education means your child will generally earn more money in the work force. Saving for post-secondary education is a relatively straightforward goal that anyone of any age can get involved in. 

Source: Fraser Institute, Income Mobility: The Rich and Poor in Canada - 2016



But you will save more effectively if you first figure out:


What is the current cost and the estimated future cost of this post-secondary degree or diploma?


How much you can afford to invest, given your other goals and financial obligations?


if it is best to invest in a Registered Educational Savings Plan, a Tax Free Savings Account or an In- Trust account to reach your family’s education goal.



We will take you step by step to determine what are the likely costs, what is the best strategy and what account (or accounts) are right for you and your family.


We will help to ensure that your plan of providing a post-secondary education to your family is fulfilled.