My plan is to ensure sufficient retirement income


When you retire, you will need income you can count on, likely for a very long time.  


From detailed analysis of your sources of retirement income to the best strategies to make that income last throughout your retirement, we have the experience, insight and resources to help you manage your retirement income wisely.



To provide and manage the optimal retirement income for you, we need to review and establish:


When you are going to retire?


Will you be working part-time in retirement


What are your sources of income? 


What are the payout options from each source of income and what would that mean for your personal situation 


What would be the optimal retirement investment portfolio to meet your income needs?


What is the taxation of your retirement income, and can we reduce this expense?


How can we manage long-term issues, including health care costs and estate matters



All of the above strategies require careful analysis and structuring.


Call us now to ensure that your retirement income is worry free and lasts as long as you do