If you want to sit in the shade in 20 years, plant a tree today.


When we sat down to establish a name for our business, we thought about what was important to us; the common background we held; the enterprise and the perseverance in our families’ history.


Both of the McConnell and Hodgins families were part of a wave of Scotch and Irish settlers to arrive in Canada during the past 200 years.

The McConnells were one of the original five families to settle the Ottawa valley in March 1800, establishing their farms in the Deschenes district of Lower Canada in what is now Aylmer, Quebec. The English translation for Deschenes is “of the oaks”.

Mapledene is the name of the Hodgins family farm in Lucan, Ontario and it has been in the same family since the land was purchased in 1835. It is one of the oldest century farms in Ontario in the same family and it still exists today as a working farm.

The Old English translation for Mapledene is “valley of the maples”. We thought that Mapledene perfectly represents our belief in family, and our proud history that brought us to where we are today. 

Mapledene Financial Group offers:


The finest custom-made financial plans exclusive to the needs of our individual clients.


Thorough research to ensure that only ‘best in class’ investment products are used to create our client solutions.


The highest levels of service to ensure our clients' needs are exceeded throughout our relationship.


The experience, education, and competency to make ‘Your Plan’ come true.


With Mandeville Private Client Inc. as our partner, these values are the guiding principles behind Mapledene Financial Group.


We created Mapledene Financial Group to differentiate ourselves from the multitude who call themselves financial advisors, but are no more than product salesmen.


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